Mobile App
Creative Brief
“Enable young adults to find their path to achieve their life/career goals.”
The Question
How might I help young adults to narrow their plausible life/career choices, discover their next goal, and make actionable steps toward it?
This idea of finding one’s path or purpose comes from an old Japanese concept called Ikigai (reason for being), which would be this project’s foundational idea.

A diagram with four overlapping circles is the most common representation of Ikigai. Each circle represents questions that can help you find what your goal is.

I wanted to translate that idea, Ikigai, into an app that could help you find your path by answering questions and filling each circle so that, in the end, you can find your solution.
While many other options made sense, the idea of an interactive app that was more accessible to a broader population, and would lead to a more creative and informative way of displaying information, sounded like the best approach for this idea.

It would be an efficient self-exploration app that would accompany you, help you explore new aspects of your life, and guide you through finding your path.
What is the project and why design something like that?
Interactive app

Final Design

This final design best blends my adventurous ideas and the application’s healthy and beneficial side. All to create an app that would embrace the idea of self-exploration. In the Design Process, I will showcase how I reached this point.
App Prototype
Design Process
Edition 1

For the first version of the app, I was trying to figure out what the layout of the app would be. Due to time constraints, I chose to treat this stage as my highly colorful wireframing stage. It served its purpose and guided me to better designs.

Edition 2

Since it was a class project, I got helpful feedback and possible improvements that I applied to future versions. One of those suggestions helped me notice the importance of the colors in setting the app’s tone. I experimented with them and got different renditions I could enhance in future versions.

Edition 3

By the third version, I had figured out navigation, layout, and most of the prototype. The only improvement needed (besides some minor details) was the colors.