Web Design
Creative Brief
Improve the website interface to bring users a more friendly page to browse and discover more about the service.
The new interface should be user-friendly and easy to navigate, providing a seamless experience for the visitors, encouraging them to spend more time on the site, interact with our content and ultimately convert.
The Logistico website was live for a couple years, and while it served its purpose, it looked outdated and uninviting. The service was scheduled to have a refresh in the future.
The design should be modern, clean, and visually appealing.

The design should be mobile-friendly, ensuring the site is accessible and easy to use on all devices.

The design should be consistent with the brand identity and use brand colors, fonts, and imagery.
Design Guidelines
Jan 2020— Mar 2020


Final Design

Although the Logistico service was supposed to have a longer life, the reason why the website was redesigned, the service ended up not being as effective as desired, so it was terminated. Although, unfortunately, the users wouldn't have the chance to use the project, it was still encouraging that the lessons learned while creating it would help me make better experiences in the future.