Baby Godzilla’s Relics

Poster Design
The assignment was to create an alter-ego persona (mine was Baby Godzilla), describe him (who he is, what he likes, and how Baby Godzilla approaches the world?), and make a collection of things he would collect.

I chose to highlight one of my favorite designs from it and display it to showcase what one could see would they come to the exhibition.
Throughout the semester, I would create new designs to add to his collection, each with a unique story and way of discovering them. At the end of the semester, I was to create a poster promoting an exhibition with all of Baby Godzilla’s collections.
The Collection
The collection consisted of famous human-created structures that would have been abandoned throughout time.
Baby Godzilla’s Story
“It’s rough when almost everyone fears you, even if you are just a small kaiju the size of a two-story house. I can’t wrap my head around that, but mine might be too big. The stories about my dad and how he saved humanity from other evil kaijus who wanted to destroy the world have always fascinated me. Technically I’m a prince, my dad is the king of the monsters, and he always brags about it (whenever he is not destroying cities-that is.)

For humans, it is easy to think that all kaijus are monsters that destroy cities for no reason or purpose. That is not the case, and he doesn’t mean it. Dad is just too big to walk around Tokyo’s narrow streets. I can barely fit through them, and I’m way-way smaller than my dad. Every sunny day, I am the happiest kaiju, but everything goes to the volcano when it starts raining. Unlike my dad, who loves the water, I am terrified.

A simple drop of water makes me go crazy. It might seem like an obstacle to my dream of crossing the ocean and traveling worldwide. Either way, I will find a way, if not by a giant boat, then by a giant plane, or wait until global warming finishes turning the world into a desert. Either way, this gives me enough time to keep eating millions of jars of jam and enjoying the beautiful destruction of Japan.”
Design Process
I made the first four designs in the first week of the deadline. With them, I experimented with layout and composition and constantly accepted feedback on designs from peers and the professor.

The last two were my refinement stages, leading me to my final design, at least for the deadline-specific section. Years later, I would return to this design and improve upon it to see how much I had evolved from this first final project.

Final Design


The first question you probably have is, why redesign? This project was and still is one of my favorite projects because it was one of the first times I had almost complete control over what I made. The primary motivation for redesigning was to show me how much I could improve on the original design after years of gathered experience while maintaining the same feel of the original poster.

I set myself to improve its conceptual design and typography while creating new concepts to accompany the original design.

In the redesign, I updated the primary graphic, which represented a pyramid, and changed it to Mount Fuji. I did the same for the accompanying posters with different locations where I imagined the exhibitions would be—creating a World Tour exhibition to showcase Baby Godzilla’s collection worldwide.